Prints, Books and Specials

Over the past years Leidbild became a trademark for unconventional illustriations and successfull Kickstarter campaigns which culminated into several reprints. You won’t find any Leidbild clothings or books anywhere else, we are the original. We are your Leid.

Poster-Bundles: Polytheism

Save up to 50% with our Poster-Bundles POLYTHEISM. Our Poster-Bundles come with five different posters in different sizes. We focused on special themes like ancient egypt gods or specific eras during the Imperium Romanum. Some bundles may be updated over the time, if new illustriations fit better. So, it’s recommended to take a look at the bundles from time to time.

Proud Flags

Custom made, no mesh, no loops, no eyelets – these flags are original hoist-flags . You can salute on it or wahtever you are up to.