• Inauguration of the inner Third

    Inauguration of the inner Third

    from the Kalt-series

  • the creation of Bera of Sodom

    the creation of Bera of Sodom

    from the Monument-series

  • of flesh and soul

    of flesh and soul

    Leidbild Signet

our best-sellers

i am my own savior full 1
I am my own savior
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bera of sodom 1
Bera of Sodom

Save some money

savior 1
The Savior
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red crow 1
red crow
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the art of leid 3
the Art of Leid
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birth of astharat front
Birth of Astharat
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the art of leid 2
the Art of Leid
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new clothing

hoodie of flesh and soul
savior 1
the art of leid 3
this is where death begins 1
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hade 1
hades hates shirt leidbild design small 1
i am my own savior full 1
the art of leid 2
birth of astharat front
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fibonacci2 1
historia 1
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the Artbook

Our succesfull Kickstarter-campaign “the Artbook” by Leidbild contains 96 pages of Illustrations, Album-Artworks, Logos and more from 2014 – 2017. 

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Hades falls into Tartarus leidbild design
Deformitas Vitruvianus
David idea est scriptor 1
Our new series HISTORIA combines the best of art. We carefully restored famous painting, sculptures and more.
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daemonium meum
da at
old man dying leidbild reales artwork
With REALES we focused on real-life elements. This series has no limits and may have graphic content some users should not see.
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