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You're looking for an unique Artwork for your next release?

Let us ask you some questions to make things easier for all of us

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What do you need

I need...

Do you need a digital or printed design?

Do you know the format (i.e. Jewel Case, Booklet pages, Digipak, Vinyl, ...)

What is it?

Please give us some details

Here you go, tell us, what you need!

What do you want

Do you know Covers you wish it was your cover?

Name them, please!

Look at the Albumcover of Antichrist Superstar from Marilyn Manson. I like it and would love to have it for my next realease as an albumcover. So I try to create something similar.

Name them, please!

Do you need anything else?

Please select everything you need

How much band pictures?

Should it be the same style?

What do you need?

Usually the album-cover becomes the new band-shirt...or the complete band and some albumcover details around them. Do you want that, too?

What do you need?

Do you wish a specific type or style for your band logo?

Please name the font or give us a link (or more) to band logos you like

There are lots of great band logos and to meet your taste, we could need a hint

Please name the font or give us a link (or more) to band logos you like

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